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Cure acid reflux, heartburn and arthritis

Posted by Corey Rose On 0 comments

Arthritis and Acid Reflux often go together, and here's why.

Did you know that when your body has a low PH balance (acidic), your stomach becomes upset and gives you heartburn triggered by Acid Reflux? At the same time, your body begins to break down bone material in order to absorb calcium from the bones in order to raise your body's pH balance - causing arthritis.

What most people don't realize is that a low PH balance is also breeding grounds for cancer. Once the body drops below a Ph balance of about 7.2, it can no longer fight off cancer.

Oxidation also plays a huge part in cancer, heartburn, arthritis, and several ailments that affect the human body. To get an idea, when you cut an apple in half, you will notice that it turns brown in just a few minutes - this is oxidation.  An "antioxidant" doesn't allow this to happen, and is often associated with "anti-aging" formulas.

An early 20th century discovery by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg reveals that these two indexes play a HUGE part in helping the body to maintain its own good health.  He said that disease thrives in an acidic environment. Antioxidants and alkalinity don't heal the body, but they allow the body to function properly in order to heal itself.

Diane Barfield was arthritic, tired all the time, and overweight.  And she had two surgeries in attempt to cure her acid reflux. Her life was totally transformed by changing her water - which changed her pH balance.

I know you're watching this because you see yourself in this lady. You are feeling the pain of arthritis or heartburn. Or maybe you or someone you know has cancer.

Then give my brother Jeff Rose a call, he'd love to discuss the water machine with you. 

The same water machine that has helped countless individuals overcome the symptoms of heartburn and arthritis... and cancer, and lack of energy - is in almost EVERY hospital in Japan.

Almost EVERY hospital in Japan has one of the Kangen water machines available in order to help patients bodies to heal themselves.

So if you or someone you know might be suffering from heartburn, arthritis, cancer (this water will raise the white blood count), than you need to consider the Kengan water machine. Get it here>>

Have you tried the water? What are YOUR stories?